Careers Involving Problem Solving

To meet the criteria for solving a problem in a creative manner, the solution should resolve the declared problem in an original manner with the solution being reached independently.

This idea generation strategy usually incorporates a team approach. The difference between this process and other CPS strategies is that there is utilization of both convergent and divergent thinking in the course of each process step, and not only when coming up with ideas to fix the problem.

This causes an obscurement of the thought process, and the person fails to take note of the big picture. Collecting information pertaining to the problem and associated data is essential for comprehending the problem. Using the problem objective and gathered data as a basis, determine possible challenges that may come about and the possible opportunities that are present inside of it.

Delineating the goal or objective provides a lucid idea pertaining to the problem that facilitates the investigation of various possible solutions to it. At this stage, make a list of key details such as what and who is involved, assumptions and perceptions, viewpoints of interested parties, feelings and facts, and so on so that you may begin the process of crafting ideas. This would assist you with concentrating on the problem. Reusing a solution when we come across a problem that we possibly encountered before, is a very easy process.

This is owing to the fact that people inside the workplace are allowed to engage in the process of change in their search for creative solutions. Each step starts with divergent thinking, an extensive search for multiple alternatives.

Coming to the more specific use of the term, Creative Problem Solving refers to the trademark Osborn-Parnes (CPS) process of creatively solving problems. After this comes convergent thinking that involves evaluating and selecting.

The credit for developing the technique that had its beginnings in the 1950s in the Arthur D. This idea generation technique approaches problem solving and creativity in a rational manner.

In Gordon’s opinion, Synectics research has to do with three key assumptions: In short, if people comprehend the working of creativity, they can improve their ability to be creative.

It depicts the distinctive core of each stage by renaming.

While the bubble and accordion (diamond) CPS models offer rational, logical approaches to CPS, providing an overt course of action, this model tells you what happens.


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