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Often, business case studies on marketing can describe the real success of a business cooperation experience of a company and a customer/customers.

Often, business case studies on marketing can describe the real success of a business cooperation experience of a company and a customer/customers.Because marketing case studies are written in an educational form for readers, their content must include as clear information as possible.

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You may be surprised, but case studies may also be in a video format. For sure, creating a design for you video and the video itself requires more free time. Report, in turn, presents and analyzes complete results from practical research.

Sometimes, people would prefer to watch video and not to read a written text. While reports are usually descriptive, and they show sequential events such as real experiments or results of surveys, essay can be evaluative and discursive.

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Since it is not a scientific paper, the abstract in this written text is free from the format, i.e. You need to include a background which has to outline, for instance, the marketing design of the study under analysis.

Make a summary of what you have learnt from your study.

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Do not repeat the case history and share new information; just give short and informative conclusions that fit the content.Feel free to locate them on this page of your writing.Adding tables and photographs is a great strategy that may lead to success because it makes the writing more educational and comprehensible to read.The best kind of readings to use here are other review articles and the first case that was described in the literature.Finally, do not forget to form a strong thesis statement as it may be one of the benefits and a key to success of your work.Research ethics is crucial: your customer cannot be identified anywhere in the content of the study.If it is necessary to post a photo, your customer has to read and sign a written consent.Individuals who work in business, marketing, design, social sciences, legal, medical, engineering, academic, and many other additional fields and services quite often need to submit report about a person, customer, a group of people, or a situation that they have been studying over a certain period of time. Essays differ from case studies because they form an answer on a certain question based on research and experience through the author’s own evaluation.Such a published text is called a case study, and in order to achieve success in writing good marketing case studies, it is important to ensure you follow and understand specific guidelines because they have a particular style and format. Moreover, they have another content and organization.For example, students who take courses in psychotherapy or physiology can find themselves in the role of professionals and examine how certain method can be applied to the customer and how your case management and counseling background can help the customers.The students can not only pay more attention to the development of their technical writing skills but also demonstrate their individual approach and strategy to a specific issue.


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