Case Study On Communication Failure

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Communication requires that participants share a mutual interaction, with the receiver providing feedback to the sender. 3) states that nurses must be effective interpersonal communicators which is defined as “…interactions with patients which are helpful to the patients”.

This first contact was not effective communication.

Peter Roy Gillam died as a result of sepsis and pulmonary thrombo-emboli complicating a ruptured cerebral artery aneurysm with subarachnoid haemorrhage.

The coroner’s report outlines the background and history surrounding this gentleman’s presentation to his local General Practitioner and subsequent presentation to Modbury Hospital.

In this case the communication between the Career Medical Officer and the patient’s General Practitioner was either ignored or overlooked as unimportant.

It is vital that if the patient’s history did not match that of the General Practitioner that communication should have occurred to clarify these issues.

Medical and nursing staffs are both bound by professional ethics.

Ethics are defined as the science of using moral criteria to guide human conduct and morals are accepted values and standards of human behaviour (Honderich 1995; Thain 2006 p 524).

The patient’s re-presentation the next day also highlights the breakdown in communication between the patients General Practitioner, the Career Medical Officer and Medical Registrar.

It is important that collaboration occurs between health professionals to ensure a seamless flow of work based on knowledge of the patient and their care (Stein-Parbury & Liaschenko 2007).


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