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Something I also stress is to have your email notifications turned on so that CASPA can send you confirmation emails notifying when rec letter writers updated their evaluation of you, when HQ receives academic transcript(s), and when your entire application was verified. It is best to get a head start on your application and prepare documents containing your health care hours, volunteer hours, work experience, and shadowing hours before applying.

Though it was a convenient feature, it is still imperative to be on top your application from start to finish. You’ll also want to secure your letters of recommendation and at least have a draft of your narrative done.

It is up to your individual programs to do this at their own will, and some programs will. Imagine if you lied and put a false number of hours for HCE or work to make yourself more competitive and then you were questioned during you interview why you did such a thing. CASPA will verify your transcripts with what you input manually into the website. In addition, you also will want to make sure all of your schools received all of your materials (transcripts, supplemental applications, resume, photos, etc.).

Never assume they have received them unless you receive receipt of confirmation.

Below you’ll find all of the information you’ll see on the CASPA including a detailed description of each part.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer the question as best I can.CASPA offers fee waivers for folks who have financial hardship and are worth 5 each.They cover the initial application fee and allow you to apply to one school only.Therefore it best to prepare early in advance before the big day.What was great about the new interface was the progress bars that notified your percentage of completion.In 2011, the average age of first-time applicants in CASPA programs was 26.1.The average undergraduate GPA was 3.49 and the average undergraduate science GPA was 3.43. The majority of applicants reported health care experience in the following categories: other work experience (mean = 4,264), patient contact experience (mean = 3,350), and other health care experience (mean = 1,830).This means they send out submitted applications one by one to school.Be advised that although CASPA does not mail the applications until late June, schools are still allowed to download electronic copies at their own will.You have 10 business days from time you are notified of approval to use your waiver.More information can be found Schools are picky about what courses they accept and from what schools they will accept them from.


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