Catcher In The Rye Stradlater Essay

Catcher In The Rye Stradlater Essay-74
He calls Stradlater a moron so many times that Stradlater looses it. Stradlater is nervous after this - he didn't really want to hit Holden.

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Holden smokes a cigarette to relax and annoy Stradlater, who can't stand it when Holden breaks the rules.Ignored, Holden tries to fight Stradlater, who pins him to the ground while Holden bawls that “the reason [Stradlater] didn’t care is because he’s a goddamn stupid moron.” The insult makes perfect sense to Holden, a line drawn in the sand between those who can appreciate a girl’s checkers technique and those who can’t, those who treat women as objects and those who value their idiosyncrasy.The allusion gathers emotional force later on when Holden recalls comforting Jane after her stepfather interrupts their game of checkers.Why is “the Ivy League bastard” feeling up his date while telling her about his suicidal dorm mate? “What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide,” Holden says hours later after his botched encounter with a sex worker and her john.“I felt like jumping out the window.” Suicide, like assault, lurks just under the surface.In an early scene, Holden hangs around the dorms while his brawny roommate, Stradlater, prepares for a date with Jane Gallagher.Jane happens to be Holden’s long-time crush, the only person he trusted enough show the baseball mitt of his dead brother, Allie.One reason we miss this theme is because the narrator is a horny 1950s prep-schooler who calls women “whory,” gay men “flits,” and whose general behavior is, well, crummy.When it comes to analyzing toxic masculinity, we’re accustomed to exterior rather than interior critique.As he prepares to leave, Stradlater asks Holden to write a descriptive composition for him for his English class.When Stradlater returns from his date, he tells Holden how he and Jane ended up in the car he had borrowed from coach Ed Banky, though he does not give much details.


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