Causes And Effects Of Teenage Depression Essay

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Historically, research on depression vulnerability relied on cross-sectional or two time-point designs, which provide limited insight into the temporal unfolding of depressive symptoms.

To overcome this limitation, we completed a series of multi-wave, longitudinal studies (spanning four months to four years) designed to disentangle the time-lagged relationship between vulnerability factors, stress and subsequent depressive symptoms. Testing a model of impulsivity and suicidality in adolescents.

Once activated, these depressogenic diatheses contribute to the onset of depressive symptoms (Auerbach & Ho, 2012).

We have found that the integrated model provides a more comprehensive understanding of the development of depressive symptoms than either the diathesis-stress or stress-generation models considered alone.

To date, less research has examined behavioral and neural dysfunction among currently depressed adolescents, and consequently, we designed a study that uses scalp-recorded event-related potentials (ERPs) — which provide excellent temporal resolution in the millisecond (ms) range — to assess the time course of cognitive-affective processes associated with specific depressogenic biases. Conceptualizing the prospective relationship between social support, stress, and depressive symptoms among adolescents.

Causes And Effects Of Teenage Depression Essay

Using a self-referential encoding paradigm, positive and negative adjectives matched on arousal, word length and frequency of use were presented to adolescent participants, who were then asked to indicate whether each word accurately described them.

Auerbach is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Auerbach is the recipient of several awards, including the David Shakow Early Career Award and the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Early Career Award.

He also is the director of clinical research for the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the director of the Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Laboratory at Mc Lean Hospital. Author website Depression in adolescents is a serious public health concern. Emotion-processing biases and resting EEG activity in depressed adolescents.

Major depression in the national comorbidity survey-adolescent supplement: Prevalence, correlates, and treatment.

Web-based injury statistics query and reporting system.


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