Celebrity Role Models Discursive Essay

Children can develop health problems from having a celebrity role model; such as, anorexia, self-harm, or self-esteem issues.

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As Daniel Harris states in Celebrity Bodies “The dreamer imagines an existence as unlike his own as possible and is content to admire this world from afar...” (428).

But celebrities aren’t just admired from afar, they are criticized for being too thin, too fat, health-obsessed, or just unhealthy.

But Americans have a plethora of problems that require immediate attention.

It seems that the media should focus less on the supposed shortcomings of celebrities and focus instead on how they can be a good influence on the American people.

Famous people imply that if the youth act insubordinately they will be successful in life.

Celebrities of today are not appropriate role models for this generation.

People who follow celebrities’ through social media can know nearly everything about their daily lifes like a stalker.

They like to be a kind of stalkers because Even though some parents believe Hollywood has a positive impact on their children most believe otherwise.

Many adopt complicated diets, such as the raw foods diet, to maintain a higher quality of life as well as to extend their length of life.

Critics call this behavior vain and say the celebrities are merely trying to hold onto their youthful beauty and maintain their thinness.


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