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There are essentially four strategic options to address the enterprise data platform requirements of today’s healthcare systems: (1) build your own, (2) buy from EHR vendors, (3) look to a Silicon Valley high-tech startup, and (4) partner with Health Catalyst or a handful of similar companies.

In this webinar, Health Catalyst’s CTO, Dale Sanders, comments on all four approaches, hoping to help you to assess your organization’s strategy against the options and vendors in each category.

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There will be a major power upgrade to accommodate new, higher capacity uninterruptible power supply systems in the BRF data center.

This work will require a complete power outage for all servers and storage systems in the BRF Data Center.

Please be advised that the Lobo Mart application will be unavailable from Friday, April 5th, 2019 at PM until Sunday, April 7th, 2019 at AM for a scheduled upgrade. Transition to have the NS VIP handle power will not be effected, and will remain on during the entire outage.The systems that will be unavailable are the domestic Hot and Cold water.HSC will be upgraded to version 9.4 on 10/20/2018 AM-PM. This Load Transfer is to exercise the AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH AND GENERATOR UNDER A FULL LOAD CONDITION.This will affect the Emergency Power to the entire building as there will be a short blink as the power transfers from normal power to emergency power.Emergency power will not be effected, and will remain on during the entire outage.Replace existing firewall and distribution layer at OMI building to resolve failing FWSM module issues.Electrical systems to the women’s restroom on the basement level (next to the elevator) and the elevator will not be available during this outage.This outage is necessary to install new electrical equipment on the building Electrical system.It’s been exactly three years since Health Catalyst embarked on a major investment in its next-generation technology, the Data Operating System (DOS™) and its applications.This webinar is an update on the progress, less about marketing the technology, but rather offering DOS as a reference architecture that can support analytics, AI, text processing, data-first application development, and interoperability, as an all-in-one agile cost-savings architecture.


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