Charles Darwin Essay

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He viewed diseases, famine, and poverty to be the consequence of overpopulation.

He never believed on the concept of evolution and he viewed the natural calamities as the wrath of God.

Natural Selection In Terms Of the “Modern Evolutionary Synthesis” Of the 20th Century Natural Selection and Its Relationship to Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Conclusion Charles Darwin is known to be the father of evolution and heredity and came up with principles that govern heredity.

His one outstanding principle is that of natural selection that dictates that if evolution was elucidated as a car, and then the theory of natural selection would be its engine.

This idea claimed that organisms came into existence in a way that they were unchanged, hence going against the notion of evolution.

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Many scientists like Immanuel Kant established a notion of descent that was close to modern view; were he suspected that organisms may have originated from a common ancestor .The major explanation behind the theory is that one superior allele tends to be dominant over the others, blending a genetic make up and traits that influence a certain trait segregate during organism growth and development.Therefore, this research paper looks at all principles of natural selection, its relationship to the current problem of antibiotics resistance in bacteria, and its description in terms of “modern evolutionary synthesis” of the 20th century.The principle is regarded as the key to the formation of new and superior species from old and existing ones.This is to say that nature selects superior traits, which are transmitted to the offspring in a manner that is independent on the other.Mostly during those times there was no any scientific evidence to prove that concept hence many theories went unnoticed.Prior to Darwin’s theory especially in medieval times, the concept of evolution was not much appreciated for the reason that origin of organisms was regarded as Gods creation.His theory concentrated on the idea that living organisms could transfer certain traits acquired during natural life to its offspring.He saw organisms as immutable and not permanent (Zirkle, 1941).The theory categorically states that it’s the nature that controls and select organisms, which tend to have favorable characteristics for survival while at the same eliminating species that are inferior (Fairfield, 2000).Darwin’s theory is significantly a very important landmark in the process of evolution and origin of species.


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