Cheaters Never Prosper Essay

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It may seem surprising to older generations, but nowadays cheating in school is about as common as simply going.One study in recent years was even bold enough to report that 72% of high school students admitted to cheating on an exam or homework assignment.

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Students are able to walk into class with a jacket or long shirt covering the answers, and when the test begins, they can quickly glance down to the scrawled out formulas and vocabulary found on their pants leg.

For those who aren't into destroying their fashion sense, cell phones have become another popular cheating venue.

If you feel consistently unprepared or nervous about quizzes or tests, consider joining a study group or a tutoring session.

It may not be an ideal or fun way to spend an afternoon, but missing your high school graduation due to a cheating-related punishment isn't ideal either.

Many schools now confiscate water before an exam, or insist on a clear, label-free container.

Students were getting so crafty at writing the answers to tests on the inside of the labels, that even the simple right to stay hydrated during a long exam has been taken away.

Cheating in school has become an epidemic that administrators are scrambling to thwart, and as technology continually becomes smarter than humanity, it is an issue far from solved.

Why exactly do students cheat and is it really to their advantage?

Using aphorisms in this way, such as "a watched pot never boils" or "cheaters never prosper", would be considered an appeal to authority, namely the authority of the statement as "common sense" and the way in which it is delivered.

While this may be true in some cases, aphorisms often communicate a simplistic or linear view of the world and human behaviors that don't necessarily match reality.


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