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).….choose an odd-looking font because it’s larger than average.…extra spaces after periods.…extra spaces between paragraphs.…long but ill-placed or irrelevant quotations to your essay.

People (, your instructors) who read essays for a good chunk of the day are on to these tricks.

It’s repetitive, it’s wordy, it contains an unnecessary quotation, and reading it is not unlike wading through mud.

Look how much that idea can be condensed when I take out the fluff: Much better. Check out Stephanie Orges’ 47 words and phrases that slow your reader down for some great examples of fluffy constructions to avoid.

This refers to flowery, over-the-top writing that is way too heavy with adverbs and adjectives.

Let’s look at a fluffy, purple example from a narrative or personal statement:“The Great Gatsby is a very interesting novel by F. The author of the book uses many symbols that are utilized to symbolize certain things.This is a time-tested cure for writer’s block and is an important reason to start drafting your essay early — not, say, the night before it’s due.If you can spare the time, set your essay aside for a couple days.This is a good time to consider broadening the scope of your essay by……discussing a wider range of perspectives,…examining a larger population,…looking at a larger geographic area,…considering a broader time span,…etc.And of course all of this planning works best when you start your essay well in advance of the deadline, so don’t procrastinate.If you’re staring down a deadline, even an hour or two away from your writing will help you revisit it with a fresh perspective and — hopefully — some new ideas.Armed with the pre-writing and revising strategies outlined in this post, you now know how to make an essay longer and stronger without resorting to fluff, filler, or formatting ‘solutions’ that only waste your time and frustrate your reader.Be sure that any support that you add actually strengthens the point you’re trying to make.Here are some of the most common types of support for different types of essays: 5. Sometimes, all you need to renew your inspiration is to step away from your writing for a bit.The mysterious green light on Daisy’s dock is a symbol that the author uses to show the reader something.This rather important symbol represents Gatsby’s hopes and dreams of the future. Smith also states that this symbol is important in the book because it “reflects Gatsby’s future ambitions.”Well, that says a whole lot of nothing.


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