Chemosynthesis Organisms Found

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The process itself has some similarity with the photosynthesys, except for the fact that no sunlight is required as mentioned beforehand.

Creatures that use it are able to survive in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, such as the deep sea scaled worm, which is often considered as a certain link with alien life forms.

With increasing depth, the effects of pressure start to occur.

The pressure is due to the weight of water above pushing down.

The organisms utilize the minerals and chemicals that come out of the vents.

Extreme conditions in the hydrothermal vent environment means that microbial communities that inhabit these areas need to adapt to them.

Viruses are also a part of the hydrothermal vent microbial community and their influence on the microbial ecology in these ecosystems is a burgeoning field of research.

Hydrothermal vents are located where the tectonic plates are moving apart and spreading.

Along with this, many of the microbes have proteins similar to histones that are bound to the DNA and can offer protection against the high temperatures.

Microbes are also found to be in symbiotic relationships with other organisms in the hydrothermal vent environment due to their ability to have a detoxification mechanism which allows them to metabolize the sulfide-rich waters which would otherwise be toxic to the organisms and the microbes.


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