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Chloe had some difficulties kicking the ball and using the crayons but she managed to do some rough sketches.From this observation, different motor milestones develop earlier in some toddlers than others, the speed at which achievements of motor skills develops, depends on various factors like physical, environmental and parental handling.

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Janice comes and picks a book, turns the pages one at a time making vowel sounds pretending to be reading.

Chloe picks the crayons with all her fingers wrapped around it moving up and down, when Janice sees what Chloe is doing she comes and grabs the crayon from Chloe holding the crayon firmly drawing straight lines.

Motor skill development is an important milestone in a child, and a very vital aspect of a toddler’s development (Bracken and Nagle 401).

Two toddlers were observed 18 and 24 months old for 1Hour.

Individual differences have bigger impact on development than gender differences (Rathus 251).

I felt like the children preferred colored toys more than plain toys, Janice seemed very naughty and was not willing to share her toys with Chloe.This page needs to be included with your observation write-up.Childs gender: Female Age (Months): 18 and 24 Goal: To observe the motor skills development of a toddler This essay on To Observe the Motor Skill Development of a Toddler was written and submitted by user Lisa Webb to help you with your own studies.Finally write "Observer's name" and your name with "Setting" and a brief description of the physical location where you are making the observations.If you plan on or are required to do repeated observations, creating an example of a narrative report in preschool on the computer can streamline the process with a printed option.Playing objects were placed on a surface in a room Chloe (18months) picked the toys with her left hand, with hands working in opposite motion, Janice (24months) runs and shouts picking the blocks with both hands in similar motion.Chloe is first to be given the ball, she use her right foot tossing and rolling the ball, Janice comes shouting “goal” then she kicks the ball with her right foot.Toddlerhood is a time when a child’s world is fresh, beautiful, exciting and they are very curious to explore (Schrank 7) Technology has made parents to start observing their infants long before they are born as it helps them understand the motor development skills of a child (Fromberg and Bergen 407).The purpose of this paper is to observe the fine and gross motor development skills of toddlers.During the first year, a toddler begins to lift her or his head, sit or stand alone; such skills which appear in sequence are called locomotors skills.Locomotion is an act of moving from one place to another or one position to another, it is an important part of human life, a first sign that toddlers are becoming independent (Haywood and Getchell 140).


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