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"An extraordinary missionary Albert Schweitzer, who sacrificed the wonderful career of European music and theology in the same field of Africa.With the comments often cited for the life of human service, Schweitzer said:" Africans are certainly my My brothers are my junior brothers.

" Chinua Achebe has challenged Joseph Conrad's novel in his article "The African Image" (1975) and depicts Africa's looting, dark heart (1902).

Achebe considers almost acceptably accepted works as "classics" and argues that Conrad is writing "bloody racial discrimination", anger and persistent that brings the perspective of a famous African writer It is an argument.

Based on the comments of Denby and Achebe, I think that Dark Heart is a richistic view but a valuable praise for a work of art.

In 1975, famous Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe (Fall of Things, 1958) should condemn the Heart of Darkness as a "sneaky and disappointing" book at the University of Massachusetts lecture and should not be regarded as a work of art. Archebe expanded this criticism, the image of Africa when he told the principal at Amherst on February 18, 1975: racial discrimination at Conrad 's Heart of Darkness.

I agree with Achebe’s statement that we cannot just hand the West a happy pass on this issue or offer them a positive note to end the discussion on.

Such a positivity cannot come until the West chooses to change its views and discussions on Africa, because the way it is currently being discussed is wrong, and there should be no cookies given out for fixing something that should never have been considered acceptable in the first place.This piece discusses racism in a way that I think is very telling: it shows that what has happened is that the West has fallen prey to a single story about Africa.A single story is powerful, in that it can give people motivations or reasons to conquer or oppress people in the name of “saving” them or bringing them enlightenment of some sort.But as powerful as those stories are, they are also wrong and dangerous because they allow for people to do terrible things by dehumanizing others.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discusses a very similar thing in a TED Talk that she gives called “The Danger of the Single Story,” where she states that her teachers once told her that her novel was not “authentically African” because people were not poor, starving, or otherwise destitute or unenlightened: her characters looked too much like the average Western person.So when people say that they are not aware that Africa has art or history, it is part of that tradition of racism and colonialism.In order for any good or real communication between Africa and Europe and North America to happen, the West must first relinquish its long-held beliefs about the primitiveness of the African continent and the African people.In the introduction of the 1997 version of "Book" (Achebe 319) Signet ...Racial discrimination is what we have witnessed Many people say that race is not a biological category but a human classification of humans In other words, the difference between races is not related to genetic characteristics Race is mainly created by society about how we see concepts and faces that we are not used to Race definitions depend entirely on word location and time In American history, Among the various controversies surrounding Conrad 's work, the most famous thing was caused by Nigerian writer Chinuakobe.In "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness," Chinua Achebe criticizes Joseph Conrad for his racist stereotypes towards the continent and people of Africa.He claims that Conrad propagated the "dominant image of Africa in the Western imagination" rather than portraying the continent in its true form (1793).


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