Christian Belief System Essay

We may conceive his mind to have been predisposed on this subject to adopt the opinions of his countrymen.Every human being is indebted for a multitude of his sentiments to the religion of his early years.John explained that in order to pass from Earth to the Kingdom of God, one had to be baptized.

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And not only has every sect distinct conceptions of the application of this name, but scarcely two individuals of the same sect, who exercise in any degree the freedom of their judgment, or yield themselves with any candour of feeling to the influences of the visible world, find perfect coincidence of opinion to exist between them.

It is [interesting] to inquire in what acceptation Jesus Christ employed this term.

The Sublime dramatic poem entitled Job had familiarized his imagination with the boldest imagery afforded by the human mind and the material world.

Ecclesiastes had diffused a seriousness and solemnity over the frame of his spirit, glowing with youthful hope, and [had] made audible to his listening heart He had contemplated this name as having been profanely perverted to the sanctioning of the most enormous and abominable crimes.

THE Being who has influenced in the most memorable manner the opinions and the fortunes of the human species, is Jesus Christ.

At this day, his name is connected with the devotional feelings of two hundred millions of the race of man.By truly understanding where these traditions came from, a Christian can better understand why they are practiced.Furthermore, through mutual understanding, different religions can live in peace together.It is a simple fact that the Christian Tradition finds its roots in Judaism.Jewish men founded some of the first Christian churches.He showed this by performing miracles of healing and exorcism. "Therefore, the 'Jesus movement' could quite properly be seen as a sect within Judaism." Why though, is it important to understand Christianity's root in Judaism?It is important to know the connectedness of these two religions for the same reason it is important to know who one's own parents are. It, in essence, gave birth to the Christian Tradition.An understanding of these two deeply connected religions can heighten understanding and ecumenism.It can make clear the ignorance of such religious hatred, which even now, in perhaps the most successful age of ecumenism, continues to destroy nations.Because Christianity came about from the teachings of Jesus, it is important to understand where Jesus came from and what inspired His preaching.Most historians agree that Jesus probably attended the local synagogue and "gained there at least an oral familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures and the demands of Pharisaic Judaism." As He grew older, He was influenced by the teachings of John, a preacher from a nearby town.


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