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In terms of English Language Learners, the Illinois report card states that the school has ELLs. Thomas, she said that the students speak many different languages other than English, such as Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Albanian, and Portuguese.

At Stevenson, the school provides schooling for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade.

The classroom sizes are at the normal average of students.

Walking around the school, I saw that there was a main office, a gymnasium, a library, a computer learning center, many classrooms of different sizes and small group rooms and general classrooms), etc.

The room consists of her desk and computer, shelves of resources, and a table with chairs for the students. They first went through the story looking and describing the illustrations only, reading the text while pausing at some points to summarize what is happening in each paragraph, and then answering reading comprehension questions at the end of the lesson. Katia spent time looking at all of the details of the illustrations and for each image, she made inferences and predictions about the text, creating her own perspective of what the story is about.

Using pictures is a great way to determine the emotion, mood, settings, and changes within the readings, and Mrs.This way, the student felt comfortable reading out loud. Thomas and Katia spent time on comprehension questions and that book provided and also what Mrs. using her funds of knowledge of social cues and reading concepts, Katia was successful in answering the questions, speaking, during the lesson. Lesson Delivery: One thing that I loved about this lesson was that the lesson was the perfect amount of time and was paced at the level. Thomas was doing a student read aloud Carmen find only one object on the treasure hunt, why does Amir want to go to school now, what makes Carmen a good friend, etc. Thomas added personal questions about the story, such as you have friends when you first came to this school?Did you make With these questions, Katia made many connections to the book, especially because she has experienced being a new student at a school before.The students were put in teams to work at the stations. Sandage on reading their chosen book, another station would have the students work independently on writing cursive letters, another group worked on computer and practiced reading test taking questions, and the other group worked on their math facts with the computer also. Preparation: Working with students in a small group while the rest of the class is doing something else can be tough.I believe that they were put in teams based on performance level because all of Mrs. Students that are just waiting on the small group may become distracted, not work on what they are supposed to, etc. Sandage planned a great stations lesson that had the entire class working hard throughout the class period. Sandage planned, I can see that the students have been working on reading comprehension and fluency, gaining knowledge on reading skills, writing in cursive, and working on their math facts. Sandage prepared each station with these concepts to practice so that each student in the room can work on these tasks with the same amount of time. Sandage used a timer on the Smartboard so the students could map out their time limits at each station before being told to rotate. Sandage was leading what the reading station in the back of the room at a round table.The written language allowed Katia to understand vocabulary words that she has not seen before just using the content surrounding the word. Strategies: During this observation, the one thing that stuck out to me was Mrs. As her student was reading and looking at the pictures, Mrs.Thomas questioned what the characters were doing and feeling, where the story took place, why the characters are feeling and doing something, what the students in the story are collecting, what are the names of the characters, and more.Now, I had the chance to see how ELLs are in a general classroom, and I was so excited!The lesson that I observed was interesting because the teacher, Ms.Also, throughout the questions, Katia was asked to relate to the story and make a connect based on her own personal experiences.For example, she said that she remembered when she was a new student and did not know anyone but then she made two really good friends and was more comfortable coming to school, just like the character in the story that she read.


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