Classroom S In Critical Thinking

Thus, decreasing black segregation may improve black achievement scores without adversely affecting white achievement scores.

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Willis Hawley's review of research on the effects of racial and ethnic school diversity on critical thinking skills and academic achievement.

Educational psychology theories indicate that learning in diverse classrooms, where students from different backgrounds communicate their different experiences and perspectives, encourages students to think in more complex ways.

Thus, fears that desegregation will undermine their achievement seem unfounded.

Further, research showed that there were no gains for white students following the end of the desegregation plan as schools resegregated in Denver.

In addition to negatively affecting short-term academic achievement scores, research suggests that students who feel threatened by stereotypes may adopt habits that will undermine future academic success.

Numerous studies – recent as well as those that were conducted in the immediate aftermath of court-ordered desegregation – suggest that school desegregation has little or no measurable negative impact on the test scores of white students.

It highlights the work of educators who place civic education at the heart of their work by choosing to teach their students an alternative to the divisive, zero-sum politics advanced by interest groups and portrayed in the media.

These educators embrace participatory models of learning and decision making and work hard to expose students to difficult issues and varied perspectives, including unpopular and marginalized points of view.

One study using National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data across every state found that when controlling for socioeconomic status, most of the negative relationship with segregated schools and achievement is eliminated for whites but not for black students, although the relationship varied among states.

A recent study in Texas analyzed the impact of racial composition of classmates on the test scores of students, from 4th to 7th grade.


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