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Nothing exists for young Caesar except the single goal of acquiring and maintaining power.

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Quite naturally, Octavius is insecure about his ability to succeed in an arena where Antony has been active for close to twenty years.

But he gains confidence as he observes Antony's dissipated life in Egypt, and he takes advantage of every situation he can.

This all happened just weeks before Cleopatra was getting ready to deliver twins. Since Antony has doubts about the true loyalties of Octavian, he left a pregnant Octavia and went back to Cleopatra.

Shortly after Octavian assembled a military attack on Antony and Cleopatra, while they were in Egypt.

He began his career with little — except the name of his grand-uncle Julius Caesar, his father by adoption, and he naturally wanted more — all that was possible.

Having been named heir in Caesar's will, Octavius comes to Rome to claim his fortune.

Knowing that she lost her love and would become a prisoner, Cleopatra committed suicide as well by a having a cobra bite her.

In Julius Caesar's will, his grand-nephew, Octavius, was named as his heir and adoptive son.

Anthony’s first wife was not happy about this and then tried to attack Octavian. He tried to fix it by returning to Fulvia but the damage was done and then she died.

So to try to win Octavian’s trust back, Antony married Octavia Minor, who was Octavian’s sister.


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