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She received her first exposure to the admissions process in the Dean’s Host program at Boston University’s College of Communication, serving for two years as the program’s coordinator.

She was also the ’04 commencement speaker for the College, winning a coveted scholarship from Burston-Marsteller Public Relations.

In recent years, she has also cultivated a love and knack for product development and digital learning, and has led the charge on many projects from app development to video production.

Thea’s college essay described a moment in her life when grammar made her cry…with joy.

Her writing has been published in numerous publications including .

Stacey also honed her branding skills, personal and otherwise, as copywriter for world-renowned ad agency, Cline Davis & Mann.While studying there, she realized her passion for literature and the power of the argumentative essay.She went on to earn her MA in English at Cal Poly, teaching Rhetoric and Composition during her studies and continuing as a lecturer after graduating.Stacey has since spoken at schools around the world on the subject of the college essay and has advised over 1,000 students on their admissions essays.She is a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and is on the faculty at nyt Education: The School of The New York Times, teaching students to wrangle their school-specific supplemental essays.We will prepare you for college whether you like it or not. Though our process is thorough and intensive, students are responsible for getting the words on the page.When filling out their applications, all students know their work is their own.She is passionate about working with high school students to develop their own written voice and gain the confidence to address any written task.Nina graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University with a BA in English.Our Uncommon Essay Approach is a step-by-step process that teaches students to brainstorm, freewrite, sculpt and polish their final drafts to a high shine.We know it works because we have been using it for over a decade. A stellar essay begins with a strong topic that speaks to who an applicant is at his or her core.


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