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This is all the more reason to start the essay writing process early — if your topic ends up not working out, you’ll still have time to try a different approach.

Once you’ve selected a topic, you need to figure out how to develop an essay from it that is technically skillful, compelling to the reader, and true to the vision of yourself that you’re working to portray in your application.

If you can find meaning and significance in a small incident, that can be incredibly compelling for your readers.

Drawing from your ordinary experiences to illustrate a larger point will make your essay all the more personal and revealing.

Remember, the value of your essay is much more in A final note on choosing your essay topic: You don’t necessarily need to be absolutely committed to a topic right away.

If it becomes clear after you start outlining or writing that your chosen topic isn’t going to work as well as you would like, there’s nothing wrong with starting over with a new topic.Not only will statements like these reflect poorly on your character, but you also never know who will end up reading your application — they could be a member of the very group you’re speaking against.You should also avoid essay topics that involve obscene language, illegal activities, violence, or graphic subjects.You’re not alone if you feel that the events in your everyday life are too boring or clichéd to be fodder for a really good essay.College applicants are told that, in order to be attractive to admissions committees, they need to stand out — but how can you stand out when you live a pretty ordinary life? You don’t need to have had a particularly extraordinary experience to write a compelling college application essay that shows off your writing skills and allows colleges to learn more about you personally.Admissions officers certainly aren’t going to penalize you if, for instance, you haven’t had the chance to travel the world, or you couldn’t afford to take part in certain activities.While writing your essay on an unusual topic may make you stand out to some extent in the applicant pool, college admissions isn’t simply a contest where the person who has had the most exciting experiences wins.Even a topic that seems clichéd — for instance, a book you read, a friendship you made, or a memorable moment with your family — can make for an excellent essay topic that shows off your communication skills as well as the personal qualities that colleges like to see.The manner in which you write about your experience is much more important than the innate value of the experience itself.Rather, you should choose your topic based primarily on what subject will allow you to write the best essay.In this case, the “best” essay is the one that showcases your strong writing skills, demonstrates the personal qualities (thoughtfulness, curiosity, dedication, passion, and so on) that you want colleges to see in you, and allows colleges to get to know you better on a different level from the rest of your application.


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