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College Essays On Life Changing Experiences-42
From the first day I stepped in the country, I quickly noted that most of Americans live in a true spirit where every citizen focuses on acquiring and utilizing all the opportunities in life for the upgrading of their living standards, the future generation and above all making America great.

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Worse still, they did this at a time I was really pissed and my patience with them was running out.

When I decided enough was enough, I approached them and we broke into a fight.

While staying in the United States I have learnt that the country has all favorable aspects that can help an individual in pursuit for a better life especially when a person would like to build a good character.

Apparently, the country’s economic, social and political status gives a favorable condition for personal empowerment and consequently creating a better future for everyone.

In a nutshell, America has instilled new qualities and life skills into my life which makes me to gain confidence in the accomplishment of my goals.

There are many things from my background, identity, interests and talent that have shaped the life I live today.The love for the country and its people clearly make a person to embrace peace at any given time. S comes with a lot of lessons which not only applies to the immigrants and visitors but also the future American population.Contemporarily, the citizens allude to various historic events such as America’s struggle to eradicate communism during the world war and its involvement in facing out slavery.Of all the things that I can remember from my childhood, three things that have made me whom I am and I believe they will have continued effects in my future as well.They include the reading habit that my mother inculcated from my childhood, frequent change in schools, and competitive urge that runs in our extended family.For instance, most of the financially able people invest on new ideas and talents which show how much they value each other’s well-being.Therefore, the efforts of achieving the dream give me courage of setting new goals and striving to make the dreams a reality.My first storybooks pictured moral stories as well as mythical ones.Over time, I have read many novels, fictional books, biographies and cartoon books among others.Just like the American Dream has been achieved my dreams also have the potential of becoming real.Above all, coming to America has taught me on the need to embrace original culture and lifestyle. S for its hyphenation where all cultures are welcomed and a person does not have to give up their identity to become American.


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