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Imagine trying to count how many people have ever been inspired by the Beatles!

Music is an honesty that you embrace more than escape.

When I moved, I was bombarded by a completely foreign culture.

By sophomore year, however, I realized that compromising myself in order to fit in was a mistake.

It meant something to her and it meant something to me.

His music meant something different to every person in that room and all those meanings, all infinite number of them, wrapped around the music notes and existed in harmony on that July night. It was as if I could hear the heartbeats of every person in that room, pulsing along with the rhythm of the music.

In college, where everyone works on discovering "who they are" or what their place is in the world, I know I can provide not only diversity of thought, but can educate people through my own stories on how crucial it is to maintain an open-minded ideology towards the world and an individual's power to change it.

On one hot night in a dark room at the heart of Boston, I became friends with 19,580 people in one single moment.

As I grew more comfortable with expressing my beliefs, I began heading projects to install a bike rack around campus and took to writing more iconoclastic political pieces in English class.

My left shoe houses various meme references, chords from songs I have written, sketches of the latest NASA star cluster discoveries, practice lines of Italian greetings from when I was set on learning it, and "Lorrie Lake Ln." in small cursive letters.


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