Columbia Law School Personal Essay

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Gain an advantage in an element that may be used by admissions committees to quickly assess your strengths.Stand out immediately based on your accomplishments and experiences that you outline in a clearly articulated resume.Learn the best strategies for recording noteworthy events in ways to impress the admissions office.

You will receive a blueprint for your application strategy which outlines your specific experiences, aspirations, and qualifications for success.

Based on our proprietary Personal Achievement Template (PAT), your admissions strategy will be outlined to give you the best possible chance at your top schools.

We create a distinctive brand for each client, and it is that brand that takes applicants right on the edge and makes them memorable to be elevated into an admit.

Disturbingly, advice from many so called “experts” on law school admissions is rife with critical errors.

More broadly, there are hundreds of strategies that work in admissions.

We know because when we were on the inside, we have seen them turn the heads of admissions committees time and time again.That is why in partnering with us you will always be working one-on-one with someone who is a former voting member of an admissions committee at a law school.In addition, your application will be reviewed by a highly detail-oriented professional editor before it is submitted.The guidance that my consultant provided me throughout the process was invaluable.She helped me to craft a cohesive narrative based on my experiences and motivations for applying, which I think made all the difference.Craft a list of target schools based on the right mixture of rankings, learning style, environment, geography, career goals, and general fit.Meld your own and your parent(s)’ objectives with our personal and professional insight to have a specific and customized list of potential programs where you will thrive.Our job is to take your unique talents and experience and translate these so that you rise to the top of the applicant pool.If you’re reading this, you’re probably applying to law school.You will gain insight and active help on harnessing the opportunity to share unique aspects of your candidacy.Take advantage of the chance to overcome subpar tests results, questionable grades or limited activities.


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