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Let's say you are short on space within the volunteer and community service section.Perhaps you'd like to move one to extracurricular activities (if you have room there).For example, if you have had 5 volunteer opportunities but none of them have been long term or for many hours, you many be able to combine them into one activity listing for volunteering.

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Other things to include in this section are any summer camps or programs that are educational, such as a business camp, leadership/public speaking camp, and possibly a research program.Those 6 sections are: You are given 30 characters to name the organization, course, or program.You are given 160 characters to describe your position, that activity's description, and your responsibilities. Again, you can use abbreviations and acronyms, but be clear in your writing. You don't even need to write anything for, say, work experience if you don't have any jobs that qualify.So you have more than 10 activities for the common app and you don’t know where to put everything? First, look at your activities and ask your self, do I really have more than 10 significant activities. Second, can any of your activities go in the academic honors section of the common app? No, there is no definition of “significant” but I think most of you can figure it out if you are honest with yourself.You can trust us to help you find the best college for your needs.We offer a FREE 1/2 hour consultation to discuss your needs for college admissions counseling. That 2 hours that you helped at the food shelf sophomore year? Colleges are looking for activities that you have been engaged in ideally for multiple years and for significant hours.National Honor Society for example is a common activity that can easily go in the honors section.But there is a reason that the colleges only have 10 activities on the common app.Quality of activities is always more important than the quantity of activities.


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