Community Service Essay Examples

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Other problems that might be addressed through community service include inadequate housing, unemployment, and domestic conflicts. It is essential because in the case of students it builds on their resumes and gives them an opportunity to mold themselves as active community members. Promo code: SAVE20is a leading academic writing service that is dedicated to providing extra support and help to students all over the world.

Any individual that helps others engages in a noble act of community service. For those who benefit from community service including the aged, people struggling with drug addiction and mental illnesses among others they tend to receive a new perspective on life. Through our website, students can request for help in a diverse range of subjects and disciplines.

Volunteering can definitely help you see the world m different perspectives for the betterment of society. Two persons were in charge of placing the bags on corresponding units.

On 23d November 2014, I volunteered for the Charity Run 2014 organized by UNICEF. The other two took care of marking down the runners’ numbers. It became even more tumultuous when people came to retrieve their stuff and some came to check their luggage for another race.

Also, participation in community service among students boosts their resumes and builds on their career prospects.

Involvement in community service highlights the importance of compassion and understanding.Through volunteering, I learn a lot of new things that broaden my horizon.On top of that, my volunteer experience really impacted my life. I felt as a part of the community, doing work that can improve other people’s livings.The social benefits are gained where social workers are allowed to interact with people, and in the process, there is a formation of a special bond and an increase in social awareness and responsibility (Lawson et al., 2017).Lastly, cognitive benefits are gained in the manner that social workers enhance their knowledge and develop better interpersonal communication skills.It is fulfilling and rewarding and looks great on a resume or college applications for students (Flanagan et al., 2015). A volunteer may decide to focus on helping the aged, people suffering from drug abuse, people with developmental disabilities, and the incarcerated among others.In all these situations, the people involved requiring support. Introduction Thesis: Community service is a noble profession since it gives the service worker an opportunity to help the needy and the disadvantaged.In the modern times, schools are allowing their students to engage in community services.In this case, there are several benefits of community service to the students.Initially, I found the job tiring after waking up at 5 a.m. After 8 hours of working, I could say that I adore this volunteering experience. It made me feel good to see the smile on the runners that I served.Words such as ‘thank you’ and ‘good luck’ warmed my heart.


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