Compare And Contrast Essay About Fast Food Restaurants

Compare And Contrast Essay About Fast Food Restaurants-27
Compare means to find some similarities between two things.

Compare means to find some similarities between two things.Show what the two things have in common with each other.

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It might be obvious, but you have to show it and relate it back to the subject matter.

Contrast means to find the differences between the two things.

Essay on obesity: healthy Food vs fast food essay One of the factors that help bring about obesity in poor families is fast food restaurant chains.

Families that live in the poorest parts of cities and towns are much more exposed to fast food than people living in the richest places...

Taco Bell serves Mexican food (burritos, tacos, beans, salsa, nacho cheese, etc.) while Mc Donalds serves more American food (hamburgers, fries, shakes, etc.)"Here is an example of going point by point and showing how they are the same or different:"As far as store set up goes, Taco Bell and Mc Donalds are very similar.

They have bold decorations, colorful menus, and usually have drive thrus.

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Always try to keep your supports related back to your thesis.

Once you are finished, make sure to re-read the entire essay for any errors, and always have someone check over your work before you submit it.


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