Computer Science Thesis And Dissertations

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Sandholdt PDF Markov chain models of genetic algorithms, Yong Zhao PDF Partial parallelization of VMEC system, Mei Zhou PDF Computer visualization of petroleum reservoir characterization data, Jeffrey Alan Braun PDF Ordered attribute grammar for the Ecosystem Information System, Trish Duce PDF Unifying heterogeneous networks with Kerberos Authentication Server and multithread implementation of Kerberized FTP for Windows 95/NT, Chien Lin PDF Process in user interface development, Srinivas V.Mondava PDF An evolutionary hill-climbing approach to symbolic theory revision, Orest Jacob Pilskalns PDF Real time monitoring of honey bee (Apis Mellifera L.) colony dynamics with Internet data delivery and behavior analysis using artificial neural networks, Robert Seccomb PDF Investigation into the search characteristics of three hillclimbing algorithms, David F.

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Bouma PDF Allometric scaling in river basin models, Ted F.

Cosart PDF The use of a discrete element granular material model to investigate jamming in glacial fjords, Jared Douglas Rapp PDF A general and age-dependent physiological based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model development, Xianping Tong PDF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WEB BASED CO2SYS PROGRAM, Shigui Yuan PDF Channel networks in ice: Application of river network research to ice streams, Jeremy Carter Mason PDF Transparent Line Integral Convolution: A new approach for visualizing vector fields in Open DX, Alexander Petrov Petkov PDF An estimation of distribution algorithm based on linkage discovery and factorization, S. Pulavarty PDF Weather modeling, Swarna Pulavarty PDF Numerical experiments in geostrophic turbulence using the finite element method, Jeremy Allen Sauer PDF Software system for mining spatio-temporal association rules, Abraham N.

Bain PDF A computerized tool for the collection and manipulation of physical therapy outcomes data, Doug Lawrence PDF Hierarchical feature extraction: A stepwise approach to image classification, Mark Vincent Mangrich PDF Genetic ensemble feature selection, Ganesh J.

Prabu PDF Digital multimedia development processes and optimizing techniques, David L.

We describe an exploratory approach which explores trade-offs between competing objectives for a specified task.

Pareto-optimality can be used to explore various degrees of task achievement for a given style of physics-based character animation.

Various techniques have been developed to help drive this performance in an effort to create believable character animations.

However, automatic style exploration and generalization from motion data are still open problems.

Exploration of style of task achievement for physics-based character animation can be performed automatically by exploiting ''null spaces'' defined by the task.

Second, we perform automatic style generalization by generalizing a controller for varying degree of task achievement for a specified task.


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