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“Here, the teacher could easily have been given a role in the game as an editor who could send texts back to the pupils and ask them to make improvements,” says Sørensen.“But instead the teacher comes in at the end and sees the finished product, and that’s where the teachers are left thinking that the pupils did not get much out of the game academically.” ------------------------------- Read the Danish version of this article at Translated by: Dann Vinther Today CO2 is removed from industry by using molecules called amines, which react with CO2.

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“It was the computer games that mattered to them because here English was a means of coping rather than an end in itself as it is at school.

In the classroom they never bothered to look up words, but when they came across new words in the games, they simply couldn’t progress if they didn’t understand what was being said.” The researcher believes there is a great educational potential in computer games, provided that schools get better at recognising the skills that the pupils have attained outside of the school environment, and get better at putting those skills into active use at school.

But computer games at school and in children’s spare time is actually a good way of supplementing the conventional teaching.

This became clear to Birgitte Holm Sørensen and her research colleagues when they recently interviewed a number of Danish schoolchildren, aged 12-14.

”Some of the pupils said: ’If only our English teacher knew how much we speak English in our spare time’.

These children played computer games every day, games which required English language skills because that’s the language that was spoken in the games,” says Sørensen, who is a professor at Aalborg University’s Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy.

Teachers often believe that the children don’t learn anything from playing these games, but that’s usually because the teacher hasn’t played an active role in the games.

(Photo: Colourbox) But even though the games may improve the children’s English language skills, this potential often overlooked in schools.

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