Conceptual Framework Dissertation Example

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These are actually similar terms with little difference between them.Researchers need to simply adopt one of the terms and adhere to that particular term throughout their work.

The theoretical framework is an important aspect in the research process.

When students request examples of to understand the nature of the framework, they see that it is the answer to a couple of basic questions – ‘what is the problem’ and ‘why is your particular approach feasible’.

Theories exist to explain phenomena, and the theoretical framework is the structure that supports a theory of a research study.

Students have to write a thesis or dissertation – a research project for the final assignment of a Ph D degree.

A theoretical framework provides you with scientific proof for your project because it proves that theories that exist support your research.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules as to the length of your framework, but as a guide 3 – 5 pages will do.

Write an interesting introduction that will catch the readers’ interest and include a strong thesis. The idea is to create its logical structure by drawing on key terms.

The framework mostly appears at the onset of the research paper and is a key part of the paper’s structure.

Theoretical frameworks are important theory-testing studies and need to be well-thought out.

These frameworks are important in exploratory studies, where you don’t know much.


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