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A conceptual framework is used to understand the place of -- and inform the direction of -- a research project.Professor Roger Vaughan of Bournemouth University compares the conceptual framework to planning a vacation.The conceptual framework should also be used to show gaps in your own research plan and help you develop additional questions or experiments for it.

Figure 16.1 A simple analytical framework for linking trade reforms and food security , the agro-climatic constraints, and the level of physical and human capital which will all influence the extent to which reform will cause a change in the intermediate indicators.

In addition, even if increases in aggregate agricultural production and net incomes do result from such reforms, it does not necessarily follow that the level of food security of the insecure will rise, especially if the distribution of the benefits associated with increased agricultural production is not in their favour, or the potential impacts of changes in agricultural production levels are offset, or indeed swamped, by changes elsewhere in the economy.

It doesn't just summarize current published research.

It takes into consideration all current theories, findings and contexts for your research question.

Any potential biases could threaten the results of your work.

A conceptual framework can be either graphic or narrative, or a combination of the two.It differs, however, by focusing on agriculture-related reforms and food security, and adopting a case-study methodology designed to capture more completely the micro-level factors that influence the direction and strength of the relationship.In the conceptual framework described below, greater emphasis is placed on the diversity of country positions with respect to trade and food security, and to both the regional differences and the diversity of household types within and between countries.Your conceptual framework may show potential bias that has informed the established research or potential bias affecting your own research.Yosef Jabareen writes in the "International Journal of Qualitative Methods" that a conceptual framework isn't designed simply to collect hard facts but rather to determine the "soft interpretation of intentions." You may find that previous research overlooked important questions because it made assumptions based on other established research.Before you plan your own itinerary, you look at guidebooks to learn about the most important places to see and the best hotels. A conceptual framework uses previous research to determine a theory and methodology for a current research project.A conceptual framework is much more than a literature review.She has written about parenting for Pampers and other websites.She has a Master's degree in English and creative writing.The relationship between trade reforms and food security status can be conceptualised at a fairly general level, depicted in Figure 16.1, as a two stage relationship where a set of causal factors impact on a series of intermediate indicators, which in turn determine the final outcome in terms of changes in food security status.It is recognised that an identical policy change in two different contexts, whether within a country at two discrete points in time, or across a set of countries, can result in quite different outcomes, because of modifying factors.


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