Construction Workers Essay

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Chinese business is also characterized as a tourist triangle such as opening a hotel, opening a restaurant, opening a karaoke and other entertainment services and all kinds of businesses.

The Chinese also prefer to buy and use services and accommodation where the same Chinese people work.

The “Island of Peace” reporter entered casinos in Sihanoukville without being checked.

A number of Cambodians were sitting gamblers, though most of them were Chinese.

In fact current data from the construction industry shows that falls are actually the leading cause of death for various workers involved in construction projects with a majority of fatalities actually occurring when employees fall through open-sided floors or through floor openings.

While certain precautions are taken the fact remains that to this day nearly 150 to 200 workers within the U. alone are killed as a result of falls with up to 100,000 injuries attributable to similar accidents.

Not all areas of a construction site can be covered with passive systems of fall protection and as such in instances such as these active systems must be utilized, if not, workers do so at the cost of their own safety and lives.

Sihanoukville on the crossroads of paradise and tourism with a beautiful coastline and is Cambodia’s second most important tourist site after Siem Reap.

Fall protection can be defined as a method utilized in order to prevent a construction worker from experiencing significant injury or worse through the implementation of various safety precautions, procedures and devices in the average construction site (Stromme, 50).

This takes the form of two specific types namely passive types of protection systems that do not involve the actions of employees and active systems that require manipulation by employees to actually make them effective.


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