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If we consider that the value a corporate website has to its users is directly related to the accuracy, richness and speed of content available online, then the CMS is key in unlocking this.Giving control of content to the subject experts and making them less reliant on an IT department or agency support forms the basis of a compelling return on investment argument.

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Most organizations that consider the online channel to be central to their strategy use a Content Management System (CMS) for their website, intranet or extranet.One of the major benefits of using a CMS is that it hands direct control of content to the organization's subject matter experts.This ensures that a corporate website is focused on the achievement of business objectives, rather than being driven or limited by technical issues.The ‘content’ we refer to in a web-based Content Management System (CMS) is any company asset that exists in electronic format, that is, text, images and rich media.It includes other assets such as style sheet templates and the content derived from integrated systems via either integration or syndication.Given the potential advantages a well-implemented CMS can bring, why do so many organizations go wrong?When a CMS is business-critical and has increasing demands upon it, many design-led agencies are simply not set up to cope with this level of complexity.The CMS is a company asset that has perhaps been overlooked as a source of competitive advantage.This article examines the benefits of using a CMS, and considers the needs of different stakeholders and some of the common pitfalls that organizations encounter.In this way, a CMS can ensure that the organization's branded content can be prepared for distribution via a variety of platforms such as web, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and phone.A CMS also gives flexibility to web managers, with the ability to create microsites without starting from scratch.


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