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Granted, this particular room full of therapists had all signed up for a Leadership Symposium, so perhaps this group was more open to the idea of hustling as mental health professionals? My absolute favorite quote came during a story about hustling, in fact.

He was talking about how he never went to culinary school—he learned how to cook by deliberately (obsessively? He would get a job as a dishwasher, knock out his dishes as fast as possible, then just observe everyone around him, learning how they did their different cooking jobs.

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While some of the authors have written multiple books, I kept it to one per author, in order to showcase as many people as possible.

I didn’t post any books that I saw other people posting on their own #bhcookbooks lists, again to broaden the field.

Despite my chosen guidelines, I still I ran out of days, and not out of books!

He also spoke at length about how he “decriminalized his gifts” after prison, directing the considerable business acumen he’d developed to turn himself into a millionaire drug dealer towards his new goal of becoming a chef.

There were some interesting stories about how he had to change his appearance and demeanor to get access to the promotions he wanted; it was simultaneously inspiring, because the guy is a genius at figuring out how to get what he wants, but it was also unsettling how he had to “code-switch” in order to get there.

Then when they got back…they wouldn’t have a job no more!

”Here he paused for the laugh, which of course came—loud and uproarious.


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