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Read More The challenge for Photo Assignment #7 is motion in photography. A photograph is a still image that simply captures a moment in time so how do we communicate something as metaphor when it can’t be shown literally? A photo sequence is a group of photographs that go in a specific order …The most obvious solution is to open the shutter with a … In fact, at first I regretted actually giving it out as its highly conceptual and I didn’t think anyone would understand the objective. Read More Photo Assignment #5 is an open interpretation to the idea of “Red”.

Photo Assignment #4 is to work with high-angle shooting as your approach.

In photography, we often take assignments that have us telling a story which is not our own. Our own experiences of the past 7 days, and we can understand what stands out as important to us.

Do this assignment, and see if another photographer can join you.

The exercise will leave the student with not only a better understand of their week, but of themselves.

They will learn what is truly important to them, and what they should be focusing on.


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