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Therefore, the length of the event window in this study will follow to the literature. Establish firm selection criteria Next, choose an appropriate sample of firms The target company that listed in the table above shows that these companies were participating in the corporate crime which found in the report of SC.Corporate crime can best be defined as "illegal acts committed by corporate employees on behalf of the corporation and with its support." (Kendall, 214) Examples of corporate crime can range from antitrust vilations to false advertising to procefixing.

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A fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual.

The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction.

Defrauding people of money is presumably the most common type of fraud, but there have also been many fraudulent “discoveries” in art, archaeology, and science.

Most people consider the act of lying to be fraudulent, but in a legal sense lying is only one small element of actual fraud.

The image of the company is shunned by the society and none will want to be associated with the company.

Service delivery of an organization is often affected by fraudulous activities as the society tends to be underprovided as the resources available are channeled elsewhere, or in other instances services are completely withheld from the consumers who in turn loose their trust in the organization.Fraud is a crime, and is also a civil law violation.Many hoaxes are fraudulent, although those not made for personal gain are not technically frauds.Impact of fraud and corruption to the organization Most organizations end up loosing a lot of profits due to the scrupulous nature of its employees.The organization ends up loosing its place in the competitive market and at times leading to bankruptcy as most of its customers will tend to lean towards their competitors.Crime has become one of the most pressing public concerns of the time.Each time a newspaper is opened or a television is turned on, graphic stories of robbery, murder and mayhem appear.Among all crime announcement made by SC, there are 14 samples matched to this study which is considered as committing in corporate crime and also is the public listed company in Malaysia.The corporate crime which had been committed includes furnishing false information, making misleading statements, misleading appearance of active trading and others.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Law Teacher.


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