Corruption Is The Main Outcome Of Democracy Essay

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The following visualization shows the share of people who report having paid a bribe to access public services in the 12 months prior to the survey.The data comes from the Global Corruption Barometer, produced by Transparency International, and the public services in question are: education; judiciary; medical and health; police; registry and permit services; utilities; tax revenue and/or customs; and land services.

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The fact that the perception of experts and other citizens diverge is at the heart of measures: experts and non-experts have different reference points against which they assess whether corruption is a problem.

Indeed, in countries where the public finds corruption extremely intolerable, the perception of its implications may be extreme, even if baseline corruption levels are lower than in other countries.

While TI’s Corruption Perception Index has been estimated since 1995, the methodology has been changed recurrently up until 2012. You can explore country-specific trends by clicking on the ‘Chart’ tab, then clicking ‘Add country’ in the upper-right corner.

As we can see, the five countries with the highest scores (and thus perceived as most ‘clean’) are Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore and Sweden.

This entry presents available data and empirical evidence on corruption—an important problem imposing political, economic, and environmental costs on societies around the world.

Corruption is a phenomenon involving many different aspects, and it is therefore hard to give a precise and comprehensive definition.

The Global Corruption Barometer produced by Transparency International asks individuals across countries whether they perceive specific institutions to be corrupt.

The following chart presents, by institution, the global aggregate figures.

Detailed data by region, including survey answers for other institutions, are available from the corresponding Global Corruption Barometer Report The following visualization digs deeper into corruption perceptions, specifically in the context of politics.

The data is from the 2013 report – since this was broken down by country – and the map shows the percentage of survey respondents in each country who think that political parties are “corrupt or extremely corrupt”.


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