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This is Bram Stokers way of punishing Lucy for her behaviour, by making her a victim of Dracula (Unknown, 2007). Lucy was extremely disempowered, being simply a slave to Dracula, however, a highly powered character was brought in to try and heal Ms. Abraham van Helsing was a physician, philosopher and a Vampire extremist. The Count also did not allow them to have the kisses available for them all, from the young and strong gentleman (Stoker B.

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Lucy is “the expression of the aberrant Victorian woman” (Causey S., 2008). In the beginning of the novel she sits on the side with Good, even though she disobeys the laws of Queen Victoria.

However, once she is bitten and turned into a vampire, she steps over to the other side and enters the discourse of Evil.

Then they place holy wafers in several of the boxes of earth found on the Russian schooner, thereby rendering the coffins uninhabitable for vampires.

Meanwhile, Dracula has chosen Mina for his next victim and begins to turn her into a vampire.

Another woman in the novel to portray the Woman discourse is Lucy Westenra.

She is Mina Murrays’ best friend and the first to be bitten in the novel.

Victorian Women were highly held back in their full potential. On top of this, Women in the Victorian era were not allowed to display their sexuality or “tempt” men in public; they were meant to be submissive and meek (Causey S., 2008).

Their main role in the household was to “be happy - a sunbeam in the house, making others happy” (Hardy, E. The Victorian era lasted from 18, with women being punished everyday for crimes that are nowadays just part of living for a woman.

He can do a lot of things; his range of abilities is very wide: 1) he can command to any animal to do anything he wants; 2) he controls the weather; 3) he can turn into the mist or even into the dust; 4) he has superpower to be the speediest and the most strength; 5) his gaze is hypnotic to anyone who will look into them; 6) he can transform into a wolf or a bat.

Van-Helsing calls him a King-Vampire, and it even doesn’t matter that he wasn’t the first in his race.


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