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"One may argue that...", where again you explain the opposing view on the situation, explaining what people think and argue against your point.

For example, "One may argue that gun laws should be made more strict because of the tragic increase in mass shootings in recent years" as my point would be that there should be no change to gun laws as we need the weapons for protection or vice versa.

Counter-argument sentence starters often start off the paragraph indicating that the new point you are making contradicts the previous point.

Some examples of counter-argument sentence starters are...

However, imagine other views, whether another person's or your own resistance to the argument.

Using counterarguments will sharpen your own thinking as you write the turn against.

A counter-argument is an additional point which goes against the previous point of a certain question.

For example, a question could be "What are your views on ..." where you would state why you think it is good, and then the counter-argument comes in on why you also think a certain thing is bad.

"Despite the fact that, people often think..." You would use this when there is factual evidence to back up your point, but to show that even though your point is correct some people still think differently.

When writing an opinion, academic essay, or other paper showing two sides of an issue, it involves the inclusion of an argument.


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