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There was a post a little while ago asking why interns were flakey and I think it has to do with the fact that most of the firms aren't doing projects in a manner that excite me to work for them.

In school, my design process what informed by research (solar, programmatic, material, ect studies) which was an exciting problem solving activity where the form was indicative of its function.

If you're cold-calling be polite, respectful and emphasize that you want to learn so much from them. I was an employer for 40 years and it was “Blah-Blah-Blah” – flip. There are things that just do not fit into a resume and have to be explained somewhere.

Know your firm and cater your lingo to that particular culture. " and a "To Whom it May Concern:" introduction and both are perfect. This is why there is really no such thing as a universally successful cover letter. Here is my outline: First – start out with a compliment in a short sentence. They are all in many ways their own worst enemy, clicking send 50 times.

Don't start every sentence with "I." In fact, drive yourself a little crazy by trying NOT to start as much as possible.

Of course, I'm not saying that you write your CL like you're Bob Dole (speaking in third person).“I’ve been following your work….” This should be easy now; it’s all on their webpage. Where are you and what station of life/career are you in. If not you have a better chance if you are up front and offer to cover. Multiply that by everybody in the country and you get HR departments.If you are out of town explain what you are willing to do. Also if out of town be complementary and anxious to be there. This is the document that will be used to choose you. Some think that the resume is important at the interview, its not. I was reluctant to go there but ‘Old School” is the paradigm.I feel I'm just designing buildings that are a built manifestation of the Architect's ego.(I think this is a residue of the licensing process.) This is just what I've found to work.If you are out of work don’t mention it, it’s a killer. In many ways this is the whole thing, resumes get scanned too. If you get to an interview they have already judged you qualified, all the interview is for is to see if you will fit in and not be a liability. Jesus Christ we are talking about architects here…if one can’t think outside the box and do something creative who would want them.Third – Hit the experience and capabilities with bulleted points. Also, all are correct, there are hundreds of resumes floating, you need to be creative, and they expect you to be creative. In resumes and interviews never ever, ever say anything negative about yourself, your firm, other firms, your school or your station in life, it’s a killer. I always gravitated to the better approach/presentations…hand lettering? To point, I was once advised to write or call and ask potential clients if we could meet and talk, I needed some advice.So Any advice on how to kick it with BIG would be great.I'm casually searching for a firm that uses some latest tech (Rhino/GIS/Revit plzzzzzz) and has a research-centric design process (Studio Gang/SHo P/Patkau/Howler Yoon plzzzz) but I don't mind my current firm even with its quirks. if anybody with a high batting average for job applications is willing to post successful examples please do so anonymously. Its not a matter of having your work done for you, its more finding an example of a technique that stands a half decent chance of getting past your standard HR rep.just blur out your name/ contact info or the firm names if you don't want to show them. Especially now given that the HR field seems to have collectively gone insane of late.


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