Cover Letter For Nursing Resume New Grad

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I have learned how to connect with each patient in a way that makes them feel more comfortable in the hospital, and I was able to communicate clearly with the doctors to ensure proper care for the patients I worked with.

My favorite assignment was in the pediatric department.

The qualifications mentioned above, coupled with my compassionate nature, physical stamina, and patient/family education expertise makes me a perfect candidate for the position of Registered Nurse at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

My application can only tell you a little about my enthusiasm.

In your cover letter for an entry level/new grad Registered Nurse position, use a simple language, and make clear sentences.

Don’t try to make a “good impression” by using difficult vocabulary or complex sentence structures.

Many nursing applications go through a Nurse Recruiter so feel free to address your letter to "Dear Nurse Recruiter" or "To Whom It May Concern" if an actual name is not listed in the application packet. is the best choice if no professional title is known. Three to four short paragraphs will give you all the room you need. Avoid clichés and flowery language such as "I have taken the liberty to enclose my resume...," and "I am most eager to face a challenging position in which to use my work and educational background experience." Use a standard business letter format. There is almost nothing worse for a resume than to have it accompanied by a canned cover letter or addressed to a different company.

You don't want to repeat the resume, only highlight it so the person reading the letter will want to turn the page and take a look at it. If you are writing the letter in response to an announcement of a specific position, focus your letter on the qualifications that the position requires.

During my clinical experience, I worked in every department of the hospital.

I became skilled in phlebotomy, medication administration and record-keeping.


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