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I firmly believe to be able to be an asset for your project.

I firmly believe to be able to be an asset for your project.In this case you must follow some traditional rules and format for your cover letter.Your cover letter is the key to enter into your dream world.

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I have learnt through your circular that your graphics department currently needs a professional designer with demonstrated creativity and technical skills along with a strong desire to continue learn and to succeed.

In response of it I am offering myself for the vacant post.

The recruiter must get a clear concept of your skill and confidence.

Your creativity as a writer of a cover letter will represent your creativity as a graphic designer.

Follow these instructions carefully and surely you will be able to write an exclusive cover letter that will bring your fortune.

As a graphic designer, you are responsible for creating visual concepts that inspire, captivate and inform consumers either by hand or using computer software.You create product designs and overall layouts for applications such as brochures, magazines, adverts and corporate reports.You will be looking for jobs either in publishing, advertising, public relations or other service industries.I have attached the link of these portfolios that will help you get a clear idea of my creativity.My educational and professional experiences prove the eligibility of my work.Before learning the rules of writing a cover letter especially for Graphic Designer you must know at first what Graphic Design actually means to get an idea of what your recruiter wants from you.Okay, Graphic Designing actually indicates conveying your message or ideas through graphic images using visual media.Every Graphic Designing work will tell you a story through images with the purpose of promoting products, activities, ideas or communication.It also includes Using HTML coding for e-mail invitations and announcement, Experience producing brochures, advertisements and newsletters, Strong creativity and mastery of a variety of graphic design software.Design your cover letter in an attractive and smart way so that your recruiter gets pleased at first glance.Now, let’s see two samples of a good cover letter of Graphic Designer.


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