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Others are not afraid to make documents, type memos, deliver letters and do some of the grunt work.

Additional qualifications are presented, which include: problem solving, brainstorming and providing practical business solutions.Hi, college freshman here applying for summer internships. Since I don't have much experience, I have included everything in my resume, and the only content I could add to a cover letter would be filler. I've got an interview with Facebook without one, and also other notable companies like Dropbox, Bloomberg, etc without a cover letter. If it is a bigger company, perhaps one of the Big 5, then you honestly don't need one (someone might completely disagree, but this is my experience).The writer has identified the job seeker’s major skill sets and highlighted those areas based primarily on a past marketing internship.The job seeker emphasizes experience in sales and marketing of key accounts.I've heard from many recruiters that the overwhelming majority of cover letters that they get are crappy.Seems very unlikely to help you, and could actually hurt you if it's poorly written.Explain why you need the internship and how you can help based on what you learned in school.Moreover, if you have any past experience try to emphasize transferable skills.Going in with a template that is very general isn't the best approach.Edit: as a freshman, you should be focusing on a project or projects to present your skill set with. I have included all my projects in my resume, so I will probably omit cover letters.


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