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This text setting is a prime example of Sturm und Drang and how it transitioned from a literary movement into music. He dies still pale from poison, his unbound spirit soars free from poison out of the murder's den.

Below is a translation of the lyrics from German to English.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788), the second surviving son of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) and his first wife Maria Barbara (1684–1720), was born on 8 March 1714 in Weimar.

One of his godfathers was Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767).

These are some of Bach’s earliest, written in 1742 for harpsichord.

Alexander-Max plays the music on a primitive grand piano by Viennese builder Ferdinand Hoffman that dates from around 1790 — so way more advanced than any instrument Bach would have had at his disposal.This piano has a lever that allows music to be played , allowing for two distinct sounds.The pianist also plays the music much more slowly than we have come to expect, with slightly erratic changes in tempo as she tries to add extra expression to the melody, as if it were being sung with great emotion.There is also a recording of the C Minor Fantasia below. Do you think that this is an accurate text setting? Cup of death, refreshing draught, I thirst for you. No, no the serious high figure, the approaching hour shall not terrify me, the hour of decay. I know thee, figure of genius, spirit, high messenger of heaven. Immortality radiates from thou, spirit, 'tis thou, who in the vale where I fervently sought thou often whispered immortality into my heart. where the song of the stars sounds, there immortality. To give us a very small sample of what that “before” can be, here are some examples of C. On a modern piano, here is Glenn Gould playing the Allegro assai third movement of the John Terauds, Editor-Emeritus of Ludwig van Toronto, is currently a Divinity student at the University of Toronto and a church music director.He joined the Toronto Star in 1988, was the classical music critic from 2005 to 2012, and continues as a freelance critic for the paper.His first compositions date back to this time, although later on he appeared to have a low opinion of these early works, judging by a letter written in 1786: »Forgive my excessive chatter and garrulous scribble.The drollest thing of all is the magnificent foresight of the King, who was bound on preserving Handel’s early works at any cost. Bach was appointed harpsichordist in the orchestra in Ruppin by Frederick, Crown Prince of Prussia (1712–1787).Some composers from pre-Modern times are more helpful than others. Bach was a transitional figure, one of the composers that provides a link between the Baroque style of his Dad and the Classical world of Haydn and Mozart.For keyboard, we have Francois Couperin to thank for detailed explanations of how to play his Baroque-era creations, for example. He helps us understand a fresh thinking about music, where creating affect migrated from intertwined harmony and counterpoint to melody underpinned by harmony — and where effect shifted to embellishment of melody with virtuosic flourishes (think of singing as the supreme example).


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