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Writing at least once a week works for most people.For those who need extra help fighting procrastination, this post has many tips to beat writer’s block.This can sometimes be tricky to get to grips with when you’re new to writing: but if you’re writing piece of fiction, you need to choose between past and present tense.

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Even if you’re writing in the third-person rather than the first-person, it’s a good idea to stick to just one character’s perspective in any given scene or passage – this is called “third-person limited” or sometimes “deep POV” and contrasts with the “third-person omniscient” viewpoint that’s typical of classic 19 century literature.

Readers expect this close third-person perspective, and it allows you to give the thoughts and viewpoint of one character at a time – helping the reader to identify with that person and to really understand them.

It’s better to hone your skills on smaller projects first: think short stories if you’re a fiction-writer, or short articles or blog posts if you’re a non-fiction writer.

These can be a great way to explore potential ideas and topics without committing to a book-length work straight away.

If you use the same word repeatedly within a short space of time, it can start to stand out for the reader and become a distraction from your writing.

This is particularly true of unusual words (I read a novel recently by an author with a particular liking for the word “stolid”).You should, of course, use the word that best fits what you mean: sometimes a precise, technical word the best choice, even if it isn’t the simplest.But in general, keep George Orwell’s advice in mind: “Never use a long word where a short one will do,” and “Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.” Needless to say that you should use clear, correct English as well. Proofreading and editing is essential to produce quality prose. However young or old you are, writing can be so rewarding.For some writers, it’s a fun hobby and a creative outlet; for others, it’s a dream career.As a beginner, you’re in a great position to try out lots of different types of writing, without needing to commit to one in particular: no-one’s (yet! So have a go at a wide range of genres and styles – you might surprise yourself with what you enjoy.I never set out to be a freelancer (my writing dreams were all about being a novelist) …Just like her, you could look back a year from now and be surprised at how far you’ve come.Wherever you are right now with your writing, keep on working at it, keep enjoying it, and keep finding new things to learn as you go along. Some writers think you should write every day: personally, I don’t think that’s very good advice.Maybe your weekdays are very busy, because you work long hours, but your weekends are clear.


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