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I taught middle school English and, frankly, she has gone beyond my expertise.Anyone know of an experienced tutor out there that would enjoy working with a talented young fiction writer?

You'll also have a chance to get feedback from me on your work whether or not you're able to physically make it to class. If it's a match for you and your goals, I hope you'll sign up!

Jan 2014 My 10 year old homeschooled daughter is 112 pages into her first novel (an elaborate fantasy) and needs someone to act as a mentor to support its completion and revision.

During the week, participants can choose to post a section of their edited findings for feedback.

While The Lab focuses on Fiction and Memoir, it has also been populated by plenty of people experimenting in poetry, playwrighting, and genre-defying prose.

I am always finding new ways into the creative process, I have over 70 (and growing) completely original "experiments." Sometimes I offer a "Greatest Hits" cycle.

In either case, you'll be able to take The Lab as many times as you'd like.Not for the goal of publishing a book, necessarily, but to explore creative writing as a personal form of artistic expression. I also didn't want to come and lecture to people about what "is" and "isn't" fiction and memoir. The laboratory is not a place for fore-drawn conclusions. Whether alchemy or chemistry, the laboratory is dedicated to mystery and the unknown.So I kept thinking about it what I could offer that would be completely unique and stimulating in a city with so many choices for writers. In a science laboratory, "experimental" is not synonymous with sloppy.While the methodology is similar from week-to-week, the outcome of the experiments varies along with the people who sign up. The majority of the cost of The Lab is for the material I teach; for the time it takes to find and prepare the creative/generative prompts.Meeting in person and writing among peers is a wonderful way to encourage community and accountability, but each week's creative "experiment" is available to you whether you're able to attend in person or not.Subjective positive feedback; e.g.: "what I like" too often illuminates the taste of the person giving feedback without providing the writer with actions aimed at deepening or developing.(In traditional workshops, people voice opinions about what "worked" and what didn't along with what they "liked" and didn't.) Writing time is divided between a warm-up and two deepening exercises that are all based that week's experiment.In this model, the writer thinks critically before sharing, and then deduces her or his own direction.Subjective negative feedback during the process of discovery and development can cause writers to abandon great impulses before they have a chance to transform into definitive ideas.They asked for a casual place where they could WRITE and commune with other writerly types without being bogged down with the traditional commitment of reading and critiquing dozens of pages before coming to a group.Friends and word enthusiasts with 9-5 jobs as well as artists in other disciplines also expressed interest in a non-academic place they could go and write. Nor am I interested in the old-school workshop method whereby the loudest member of a group tells an individual how they should make something they've written better.


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