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If we can’t identify the subject, verb/s and predicate or distinguish a statement from a question, how can we write eloquently by manipulating the elements of English?Come and discover easy ways to solve the common problems that...Students from overseas can come to La Trobe and do a short term Study Abroad program.

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With a BA(Hons) in English Literature, she’s also an author herself, who has won over a dozen national writing awards.

Zena loves sharing her experience of creativity with readers, aspiring writers, fans of any age, and young writers seeking to extend themselves.

Write fiction and non-fiction for publication, the stage, electronic media, advertising and public relations.

There are many opportunities for La Trobe students to study overseas.

Learn how to turn memories into memoir by accessing your authentic writer’s voice and bringing to the page the stories and...

Ask any publisher/producer – it’s your logline and synopsis that determines whether your book or script gets read, but the process of writing a scintillating summary of your work is difficult.She’s also an inclusive creativity advocate, having founded and led community creativity projects for writers such as the ‘Art & Words Project’ and the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers’ Group, where she guides members in the completion of their individual writing projects on a monthly basis.Whether it’s a room packed of listeners or an intimate group, Zena can grab your attention, demystify your understanding, and replace it with clarity of vision.We offer exceptional prices and a relaxing environment with friendly tutors who encourage a positive social community with no pressure or stress in learning.So join a class now and let us help you ‘find your voice’, explore what makes good writing, and tell your story.Discover easy ways to solve the common problems that...Once we know the nine parts of speech, we can successfully construct phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs.She’s worked with words ever since, and in the publishing industry for over 18 years.She’s now a writing mentor, tutor, editor, layout designer and book creator, short story judge, creative writing tutor, HSC English tutor, and Service NSW Creative Kids Provider.Anyone who wants to draft good sentences has to know the building blocks of the English language.We decide on the ‘content’ parts of speech – nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs; link them with conjunctions, connectives and prepositions; and add emphasis by using interjections.


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