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Some types of papers are primarily aimed to provide readers with new information.

Some types of papers are primarily aimed to provide readers with new information.Unlike informative writing, creative writing has another purpose — it expresses feelings, emotions, and any thoughts that create a certain impression.Have each student choose a body and glue their own photo, or draw a face on the body.

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Students are allowed to let their writing flow freely and not worry about revising and making corrections.Adding a face to faceless body image is one of the favorite writing projects for my students.First the teacher needs to print a variety of faceless bodies on plain paper.Thus, this type of writing is mostly presented in fiction, however, creative non-fiction, autobiographies, and poetry are also sorts of creative writing.A distinctive feature of creative writing is the use of vivid images and a poetic way of delivering ideas.If you want to write a novel, you must understand how to construct it properly.We don’t mean that you must hesitate — if you want it, just do it.The writing does not have to be exactly what the picture is about, but it should be inspired by the picture.Pictures are a perfect springboard to writing either a personal narrative or a fictional narrative.This type of writing is harder than many others yet rewarding — you will feel satisfaction from writing a really good creative text.Creative writing allows you to be free in expressing yourself, being able to share personal feelings and worldview.


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