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And as much fun as it can be to allow them to live inside your mind, it’s even more fulfilling to see them on paper – and in the hands of raving fans.Bella Rose Pope is the Content Creation Specialist here at Self-Publishing School.

And as much fun as it can be to allow them to live inside your mind, it’s even more fulfilling to see them on paper – and in the hands of raving fans.

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I went on making lists, having to do not only with night, nightmares, darkness, and objects in attics, but the toys that men play with in space, and the ideas I found in detective magazines.

But, again, I was too young to see that “R is For Rocket” would be the kind of story that would make me as a science-fiction writer, admired by some, and criticized by many who observed that I was no writer of science fictions, I was a “people” writer, and to hell with that!

While she's not whipping up content here, she's creating her own Youtube videos, fiction writing tips blog posts, hanging out with her dog, and eating something with cheese!

Lists for Writers is a great addition to any writer’s toolbox. You can now search any list as well as randomly shuffle lists and search results!

In fact, they just want to escape from their own life for a little bit but prefer to read something realistic, something they can relate to.

Even though romance is an extremely popular genre doesn’t mean you can be lazy when it comes to the actual romance and creative writing prompts isn’t always enough to help you develop a full-blown romance.

But this app gives me ideas and thoughts so writers block turns into, well, writers idea I guess!? When we click on a word that we want to use, if we don’t know what it means can we see a definition please? 💜💜🌷😁😁😊😊 My experience with this app have been phenomenal!

If you don’t take in this suggestion it’s okay, but I really don’t feel like having to go to another website to know what it means. I struggled with names for characters, often resorting to names I've already used.

Helpful to both novice and expert writers alike, this app delivers list after list of prompts and ideas for your brainstorming sessions: names, character traits, plot lines, occupations, obsessions, action verbs, and much more! Includes dictionary support so you can look up most words without leaving the app.

Whether you are working on a creative writing project, a short story, an essay assignment, National Novel Writing Month / Na No Wri Mo, or your next fiction book, this app helps get it done. Includes a Notepad feature where you can collect any interesting list items for your writing, edit them, and email or print your notes. * * * * * "perfect to browse for inspiration" - Cult of Mac Lists included:* Character - Naming - First Names (male and female) - Last Names - People/Roles - Nonhuman Characters* Character - Physical Characteristics - Body Types - Facial Characteristics - General Physical Characteristics - Skin and Complexion - Hair - Clothing* Character - Occupations - Modern - Archaic* Character - Milestones - Anniversaries - Birthstones - Birth Flowers - Zodiac* Personality - Thoughts - General Characteristics - Phobias - Philias - Obsessions - Wisdom - Belief Systems - Emotions* Personality - Behaviors - Character Traits - Bad Habits - Hobbies - Super Powers* Plot - Seven Basic Plots - Thirty-six Dramatic Situations - Conflicts - Issues* Setting - Geographical - Cities (U. and World) - Landforms* Setting - Countries by Continent - Africa - Antarctica - Asia - Australia - Europe - North America - South America* Setting - Other - Forms of Government - Encounter Locations - Archaic Locations - Futuristic Locations - Modern Locations - Weather* Genres - Fantasy, Myths, and Magic - Divination and Fortune Telling - Ecclesiastical - Holidays - New Age - Nautical - College Teams - Sciences and Studies - Scientific Instruments - Military Terms - Military Acronyms*Miscellaneous - Animals (Domesticated) - Animals (General) - Animal Sounds - Colors - Color Values - Foods - Vehicles - Feeding and Eating - Textiles - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Christmas - Forms and Shapes - Units of Measurement - Carriages and Chariots - Fighting and Combat - Dance Styles - Bearing - Causation* Words - Grammar - Action Verbs - Dialog Verbs - Nouns - Prepositions - Adjectives - Adverbs - Verbs - Common Misspellings - Transitional Words and Phrases - Word Terms* Words - Fun - Rhyming Words - Gadzookery - Nonsense - Triples - Aussie Slang*****PRIVACY DISCLOSURELists for Writers:- Does not collect or share any personal data- Does not contain any ads- Does not contains in-app purchases- Does include links to the Thinkamingo web site, Facebook page, and Twitter profile in an information page I absolutely love this app.


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