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This ability to just sit down and write without having to perform research allows you to practice writing whenever you want.You can try writing a poem on your coffee break or during a bus or subway ride.

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While other forms of writing ask that you to find research in external source before you begin, creative writing does not require this of you.

More often than not, creative writing projects only require you to use your memory and imagination to tackle your project.

Though some poems can be long, in general the best poems are those that help us appreciate mankind and nature by condensing a scene or event into short poem full of details.

With these poetry exercises, you will attempt to write poems that are short but specific.

Though you may doubt yourself as a writer or feel unsettled at the idea of being creative, have confidence in yourself and know that you are already equipped to be a creative writer.

You have a story to tell, and the following exercises will help discover and tell your personal stories.

Narratives can be in the form of short stories, poetry, personal essays, novels, monologues, folktales, fables, legends, etc.

The characteristic hallmark of narrative is that there is a character or voice telling the reader or viewer "what happened," as with the "narrators" of most novels and short stories, and many movies or television programs. Some narratives have multiple narrators, or more than one character/voice, each of whom is responsible for either telling one part of a larger story, or who tell different versions of the same story.

Now you may be asking yourself if you have anything worth writing about, and the simple answers is yes you do!

Every day provides an infinite number of topics to write about, whether that be having dinner with a friend, the taste of your coffee, or the beauty of a painting you saw in a museum.


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