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This video features a girl named Sydney reading her journal stories.

She narrates as her own original illustrations are shown with soft background music.

This is a good video to help develop writing ac Learn how to write a story in first person by reading other fiction that is written in first person, having the character tell the story, using first person pronouns and revealing information about the character through first person conversations Creating characters for a play or story requires pulling from personal experience to give the characters real attributes and personalities is the objective of this two minute video.

A 'talking head' video without any examples from literature, but a Write a story plot by outlining a list of events that will lead to a climax, developing dynamic characters, starting at the end of the story and working towards the beginning.

The role of the writer's assistant was also profiled.

"I'm a writer's assistant, we do pretty much anything and everything, from handing out scripts, taking notes, to helping with specific segments of the TV show," one assistant commented.

What can we do to get the audience to feel something for these characters?

You're always just trying to take them on this emotional ride." The video also broke down how WWE has a "home team" and a "road team" of writers."On the home team you're planning week to week, month to month, longer-term storylines," one writer said."The road team is executing and fine-tuning everything we do at television," another writer added.

It is pieced together, so the audio varies in volume.

There are 12 different writings that she This two-minute video explains how to create a hook; that moment in a speech that completely commands the audience's attention. The hook can be constructed as told by an accomplished writer.


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